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Wine corks scattered about a table Equity Oriented Literacy: Old Wine in a New Bottle? is a Course

Equity Oriented Literacy: Old Wine in a New Bottle?


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Education has been populated (or littered, dependent upon your perspective) with more than its fair share of buzzwords over the past several decades. Amongst those receiving the most attention have been New Math, Whole Language, Multicultural Education, Singapore Math & Balanced Literacy Instruction.

The newest "kid on the block" is Equity Literacy. This course will assist in familiarizing you with the concept. It will help you determine whether the name Equity Literacy well aligns with the concept's definition or how it would rate in a match-up with its apparent predecessor Critical Pedagogy. Further, it will facilitate the process of you arriving at your own conclusions regarding the concept's viability & practical implications. Lastly, you'll be introduced or re-introduced to Culturally Responsive Teaching practices that might better align with the conceptual framework upon which Equity Literacy is built. That introduction/re-introduction might more readily permit you to implement some of Equity Literacy's broad principles in your classroom if you desire to do so.

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